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  1. ateway Christian School
Training Christian Leaders Since 1974
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Gateway Christian School (GCS) was
established in 1974 as a ministry of
Church with the goal of training Christian
leaders by providing an excellent academic
program while teaching the principles of life
from God's Word.  Our prayer is that
students will graduate from GCS with a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ, with
academic preparation to enter college, and
with the character and skills to impact their
world for Christ.

We believe strongly in the local church and
family.  God has given children to parents,
and we serve to help parents fulfill their
responsibility in training and nurturing their
children.  Being actively involved in a local
church is a requirement for each
family/student.  We believe that the home, the
church, and the school are vital in training
the next generation for Jesus Christ.

GCS is annually recognized as a Model
School by Accelerated Christian Education